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Time for the Truth

Time to Save our Mountain Ungulate from this "Reintroduction" of
the Non-Native Grey Wolf into our Rocky Mountain States.


The Issues

We have a problem.

For years now we have been saying this will happen. Well guess what, it's happened.

This site will expose the truth, the facts, and the Myths about the Wolf.

(Thanks to BigGameForever for this video.) 

Yellowstone is Dead

We are seeing the Total Destruction of a Place we Hold Dear.
Just below is a Movie Trailer.  Get ALL the facts just below the movie.


There is a Tremendous amount of material in this site and Everything is Factual. No Spin Here.

Mobile Friendly

Everything works on Any Device.
We want to make sure you have the informaiton you need, when needed.  


We are also going to expose the Myths associated with Wolves.
The Wolf Lovers absolutly HATE it when we do this. Sorry.